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If you are new at skating, you need a skater attitude!
Don't care what people think. Just go with your own stuff. Keep opinions to yourself. If you care about impressing people all your life, you're just going to do stuff you don't want to do!

Be sarcastic. Make jokes of what people say! But don't be too sarcastic as people might start to hate you. You might not care, like in Step 1, but you don't want to be Billy No Mates now!

Don't look happy all the time, but you should smile sometimes. You're not emo, after all. Skaters aren't known to have the attitude of a ballerina.
4Don't act as if you're better than everyone else. No-one is better than you and you aren't better than anyone!

Talk about skating regularly. Ask other kids if they skate. Having a friend who skates is very helpful to have! A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Don't yell at your board when you can't land a trick. Just sigh and try it again.

Talk like a skater. When something makes no sense, say "BS dude". However, don't say "dude" in every sentence. That's the biggest skater cliche. People will laugh at you. Say anything you feel comfortable with saying.

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InstructionsThings You'll Need:
Skateboard Clothes
Skateboard Helmets
Skateboard Pads
Skateboard Parts
Skateboarding Shoes

The Punk Skater and the Fresh/Hip-Hop Skater

Step 1
Shop for the punk skater look. Start with shoes. Low-top Classic Vans and Half Cab Vans are by far the most common. Chuck Taylor Converse is a possible style, as well. Almost any shoe will work for you as long as it is laced tightly and will develop holes.

Step 2Choose the proper pants. You have only three options: Levis 501s, Dickies or Ben Davis. Get one of each and wash them only once a year. Shorts? You're out of your mind. Socks and underwear are optional. Decide between a black, studded leather belt or no belt at all.

Step 3Select the right shirts. They must be tight (medium or large only) and worn. Don't have too many skating shirts (only Anti-Hero, Black Label, Spitfire and Independent); concentrate more on old rock band shirts (AC/DC, etc.) and beer shirts.

Step 4Pick your outerwear: hooded sweatshirts or plastic-like windbreaker jackets.

Step 5Accessorize: Mesh baseball hats of all types are good, preferably backwards, and you need to find a ring or a bracelet with a skull or some spikes.

Step 6Shop for the fresh/hip-hop skater look. Start with shoes. Anything with air or gel in them is good. ES, Circa, Axion, DC and Osiris will be your main brands, Nike or Adidas for chilling. Ankle socks only.

Step 7Choose the proper pants. Puffy basketball/break-away/sweatsuit pants are the dopest, and if you can't get those, very baggy jeans with a woven leather belt that hangs down once tightened will suffice. Basketball mesh shorts are good for the summer.

Step 8Select the right shirts. Basketball mesh jerseys, XL skateboard company and related company T-shirts.

Step 9Pick your outerwear: Polo or Hilfiger sweatshirts.

Step 10Accessorize: A tab-pull baseball hat or fitting skateboard-brand knit beanie for your head, and the optional gold chain will complete your outfit.

The Artsy, Jazzy Skater or the Unusual Skater

Step 1Realize that you have the most options with these skater types - you are free! If you're going for "unusual," think thrift store and floppy; you wear the same thing no matter where you are, and no one should be sure whether you skate.

Step 2Start with shoes. Note that for both of these types of skater the shoes can be almost any brand (although Vans are very popular), but they must always be black if you're artsy.

Step 3Choose the proper pants. If you're artsy, your pants should be slim-fitting and can be almost any brand (no pleats or cuffs). Pants for the unusual skater are also all over the place - jeans, cords, pleated dress pants, khakis, camouflage, whatever.

Step 4Select the right shirts. T-shirts will be tight, and you won't have that many skateboarding shirts. Look for old college shirts and, of course, band T-shirts. Long-sleeve shirts are great as well. Unusual skaters also aren't opposed to button-down or short-sleeve collared shirts.

Step 5Pick your outerwear: plain, button-down shirts (no pleats) and jackets, with hats or beanies optional. For unusual skaters, outerwear is strictly functional (North Face jackets are common), and beanies must cover a lot of your head.

The Hippy/Rasta Skater and the Plain Old Skater

Step 1Shop for the hippy/rasta skater look. Start with shoes. I-Path is the only way to go. Any style is great. Socks should be black and pulled up, or no socks at all.

Step 2Choose the proper pants. Corduroys, khakis and maybe jeans (any brand for all three) are on your legs. They should be either baggy and loose over the shoes or slim-fitting and rolled up above the ankle.

Step 3Select the right shirts. Either skateboard company shirts, Bob Marley shirts or ones with no logos, but the T-shirt should match the style of your pants: baggy pants, baggy shirt; tight pants, tight shirt.

Step 4Pick your outerwear: hooded sweatshirt or button-down flannel.

Step 5Accessorize: A nice woven beanie with a brim, with room for your hair to grow, and a belt, either a woven cotton number that you tie (must include yellow, red and green) or a shoelace.

Step 6Shop for the plain old skater look. Start with the shoes - most likely DCs or Emerica.

Step 7Choose the proper pants. Baggy skateboard company jeans.

Step 8Select the right shirts. T-shirts should be skateboard company shirts only!

Step 9Pick your outerwear: Hooded skateboard company sweatshirts and skateboard company baseball hats are a must.

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SIC !!!!!!

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Congrats on your 2nd cover !!!!! You rule !

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Amanda bolwed her first 200 game !!!

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Rad pic


Here are a bunch of randoms , Im cleaning up some space on my comp.

Als better half


My mom , Ed , and me

Get some

Miss ya buddy !!! Get back here !!! Pronto

Beaver = Melon fakie

Cowboy Has the best BS Smiths EVER !!!


Wrex has rubber legs and is never stiff , Can jump right out of a car in to a back lip

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Protec Pool Party

Went to the protec pool party

and then went and saw this guy WWW.PHILSHANE.COM

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Congrats Levi , Elements new Pro

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Reno 911

RENO 911!Wednesdays 10:30pm / 9:30c
Joe Lo TruglioFunny Cop Videos

O YAH , That saturday Go to the YUCCA TAP ROOM for Me and Amandas wedding party .

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got a new ball